Make time for the Most Important things this Year

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It is Never too early...

Especially this year - we have had to go through so much - nobody can argue the twinkle lights and gift giving a little early!

Make this year all about what matters - home. Whether you cannot get there or you are spending more time there than ever - Home may be a place or just one person - Let us help you enjoy what matters most. 

Don't stress - we are not unwrapping Christmas early to make anyone anxious - this Christmas more than any other will be very special and for some not what they had planned at all.
We are making Christmas a little easier by letting you plan and Gift Give a little earlier - so you can enjoy the most important things in life and to avoid any Last minute queues - which are not safe.

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We understand things have changed since March for so many people- so we have created gift guides by budget.
Choose your budget then go ahead and choose your perfect gift.
We will be creating bundles to make gift giving so much easier - let's face it there is always that person who has everything! 

Keep Safe While you Shop

- Wear Your Mask
-Keep your Social Distance from Others
-Try to Avoid any Crowds
-Don't be disappointed, check store openings as they may have changed
- Avoid the Last minute Rush - Make plans to start now
-Give our Shop a call on 0949256104 to discuss any queries you have.
-Just stay where you are and shop online - email us on or use our socials to chat. 

Woven in Mayo Since 1892

From the design - weave to finish we are very proud of our heritage and the fact we are still keeping people warm all these years later.

Contemporary Design

We Make Throws and Scarves that will fit in with your home, life and space perfectly. Our traditional methods of production create some truly modern and luxurious pieces that last lifetime. 

Affordable & Irish

We aim to provide stunning products to every person who loves Foxford as much as we do, no matter what the budget. Our stores in Foxford, Westport & Arnotts contain some really quirky affordable gift ideas. 
We stock some amazing small Irish Brands in our stores and online that can make a very unique gift. 

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