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Sister Agnes' wool originally came from sheep on the banks of the River Moy,
but most Irish wool is coarse and scratchy in texture, because that's what best serves sheep in our wild Atlantic climate.
Irish wool is great for carpets, but we mostly use wool form Australia and New Zealand - it's high quality gives a soft
luxurious feel to the finished woven products we produce here.

What we use


Irish Wool

Irish Sheep are more often bread for meat, while their wool is a secondary product due to its courser finish. The wool is 26mm thick. In comparison merino fleece fibres could as fine as 18mm in diameter.


Australian Wool

Most of the wool used in our mill is Australian Lambswool. Australian sheep are bred specifically for their fine fleece. the wool is breathable & absorbs moisture making it a versatile material for both summer & winter.  


Alpaca Fleece

Alpacas are small Lama-like animals originally from South America. Their fleece is strong, white & warm. Finer grades of alpaca fleece are believed to be hypo-allergenic & less irritating to the skin than sheep's wool.


Cashmere Wool

This fine, downy material is obtained from cashmere goats and other types of goat commonly located around Asia. Cashmere is stronger, finer & lighter compared to traditional sheep's wool with better insulating qualities. 


Mohair Wool

The Angora Goat's coat is mage of this silky material. Mohair is a durable material with a lustrous sheen and soft feel. It responds well to colorful dyes.

Wool is in our nature.

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