We are delighted to be able to offer a constantly evolving and expanding menu. Each day is different in Foxford and therefore we believe our menu should be too. 

Our goal is to provide incredible taste at a modest price point in a welcoming, stylish atmosphere.


Our savoury menu is always changing with the seasons. Our menu evolves to suit our changing weather. Our delicious and fresh seafood chowder is a hit in the winter months while our beetroot patty with grilled halloumi is a customer favourite during the summer.
One staple that we will always offer is our Signature Dish - Barbecued Smoked Salmon Fish Cake. Served with a selection of all our delicious salads and topped with our famous Buttermilk Dressing, we guarantee you won't be forgetting this meal for a very long time..

'Salads are boring' is something you will never here in Foxford.. Golden beetroot with feta, Chilli cauliflower with mozzarella and Kale with maple and tahini are just some of the amazing and creative salads our café are proud to offer.
Choose salads to accompany any main, soup or chowder or choose a selection to enjoy on their own with one of our homemade dressings.
Eat in or take out, our salads can be enjoyed anywhere


'The best things in life are sweet'

Dessert should never be overlooked especially with the options we have to offer. We cater for not only all tastes and preferences but also dietary requirements as we offer gluten and dairy free options.


Along with sourcing local and fresh ingredients we are delighted to be able grow a variety of herbs and vegetable in our gardens here in Foxford. It is so important to us to be able to use our own homegrown produce everyday in making our food.


Along with all our homemade savory and sweet food, we are proud to boast a wide range of homemade jams, marmalade's, dressing and chutneys. 

Our Blogs and Demos

As well as creating and cooking all our delicious dishes, our amazing chef Kathleen also takes time to write blogs about the incredible food she creates. She writes about her healthy and delicious meals, what they consist of and how they are made.  If you're a foodie and looking for some food inspiration, her blogs are a must read.

As well as her blogs, Chef Kathleen also hosts Cooking Demo in our Café. Each demo consists of Kathleen sharing her knowledge and tricks in creating the most delicious dishes. Each demo has been sold out so far so keep an eye out on our social media in order to make sure you don't miss the next one.

Below is a video of our Chef Kathleen skillfully filleting a salmon. 

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