French cane pink & white

This classic French cane design comes in a positive and negative pattern so you can mix and match to create different looks for your bed and is available in aqua and pink 

Add our Botanical print range to create an interchangeable wardrobe for your bedroom 

Made from 100% Portuguese white cotton Percale, which has been woven in 300 thread count, it guarantees a comfortable nights sleep 

French cane pink & white duvet

€63.00 €90.00

French cane pink & white deep pocket fitted sheet

€38.50 €55.00

French cane pink & white housewife pillowcase

€24.50 €35.00

French cane white & pink deep pocket fitted sheet

€38.50 €55.00

French cane white & pink housewife pillowcase

€24.50 €35.00

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