Bring Foxford to College

Heading off on your first year of third level can be daunting for everyone concerned! It's a whole new chapter and sometimes it can be nice to bring a little piece of home with you. That is why we created this blog post, to give you some ideas on how to have a little bit of Foxford when you are away. 

Bed Linen

Starting college is an exciting time of year and it is important to have high quality products that will see you through those years! Our beautiful Foxford Bed Linen sets are the perfect addition to add a touch of luxury and comfort to your college bedroom whilst bringing a touch of home with you!
Sleep is vital and at times during term it can be limited! So it’s important to make sure you have the perfect bed linen as this is the first step to achieving a good night’s sleep. Our Bed Linen sets are 100% cotton percale giving you a fresh relaxed sleep with a soft, smooth feel against your skin ensuring that perfect bed head look for your nine am class!
Our Foxford Bed Linen is also built to last as it’s crafted with care, looking like new after every wash and will survive those important years and for many years after!

pink and grey foxford throw covering an arm in a white shirt reading a book

A Foxford Throw

A Foxford Throw hold so many nostalgic memories for so many. If you are trying to purchase a gift for someone about to head to third level, why not start a new batch of memories for them!
The perfect thing to wrap around you during those chilly November late night cramming sessions. A Foxford Throw lasts a lifetime, passes through generations and treasures so many special memories! Create your own special memories that can be passed onto generations. Your Foxford Throw will always hold a special place in your heart, from college right through to your first home.

Foxford Towels

There’s nothing nicer than soft fluffy towels and our Foxford towels are so comfortable and will stay super soft after every wash that you bring home to mum or dad!
The high-quality yarn used in our towels keep them fluffy, absorbent and quick drying which is ideal for any college student!

dark and light grey foxford towels folded neatly on a table
meraki body butter tub sitting a bath with a towel


Skincare is an important part of everyday life and even when starting college it’s still important to carry out a skincare routine.  After a long day of studying or writing up assignments there’s nothing nicer than coming home to pamper yourself and it’s so important to treat yourself when working hard!
Our Meraki skincare range is so gorgeous and is full of natures beauty! Meraki is designed and developed in Denmark in a creative environment, inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics with love for nature's treasury.

Monograph Stationery

Throughout college stationery is essential for staying organised and who doesn’t love pretty stationery! Stationery can also be used to decorate your college room which will help you to stay neat and organised.
Our Monograph range is so beautiful. From our pens which are beautifully crafted and will take you on a journey from taking notes in lectures to helping you revise and to acing that exam! To our sticky notes which will hold your place in any textbook you need or to make notes to test your revision whatever your stationery needs are! 

monograph stationary, erasers and pen on a copybook with vase in the background

If you need any help styling your college room or more information about any of our products, please contact us on any of our social channels displayed below! We would also love to see how you have styled your college rooms and what Foxford products you have there so make sure to send your pictures to our social channels! Until next time, happy shopping!
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