The Woman Behind Foxford

Foxford is made up of so many hardworking and skilled women who bring the power to Foxford each day! We make up so many departments from Sales, Customer Service, Tours, Cheffing, Digital Marketing, Sales Assistants, Restaurant, Website, Warehouse, Mill, Accounts, Admin, Finance, Housekeeping, Production, Social Media, Management and we are who make Foxford!

We have a special lady in particular to be thankful for on this day, our foundress Mother Agnes Morrogh-Bernard. Her hard work, persistence and vision not only established the mill but also developed the town of Foxford. Agnes Morrogh- Bernard turned her back on her life of privilege and once finishing school she joined the Sisters of Charity. In December 1890, she came to the town of Foxford which has been forever change by her presence. She saw the mighty River Moy running through the poverty-stricken village which had been affected by the Potato Famine and had the idea, to build a woollen mill powered by its waters. After much time and persuasion the consent was finally given and work on building the mill began in the beginning of 1891. Mother Agnes also wanted to provide education for the children in the village so on the grounds of the mill a school was also set up.

In 1893 she got a grant for training to be given in the domestics and farming areas of the community which increased the education given. Agnes also encouraged sports and music and in 1897 she set up the Foxford Brass and Reed Band which is still the pride of Foxford today! Thanks to her wonderful efforts a handball alley was also built in 1901. As the years passed and thankfully money became more plentiful, she had houses built for the employees of the mill. A music school was built in 1923 and the Covent Chapel in 1925 which both can be seen in Foxford today. Up until her passing in 1932, Agnes continued to improve and update the Mill and the town of Foxford itself. 

Without Mother Agnes Foxford Woollen Mills would not be here to celebrate this wonderful day and Foxford would not be the lively town it is today. Although the mill has developed over the years with our contemporary designs, Mother Agnes’ vision is still kept alive today through the processes and craftsmanship behind each of our magical products.

International Women's Day at Foxford

Happy International Women's Day!


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