Summer Trends to complement your Foxford Lifestyle

With the new season brings lots of new and popular interior trends, we always say here in Foxford there are no hard and fast rules to interiors, but sometimes being pushed outside your comfort zone can help spark a new look for your space! 

To complement the new interior trends we have also been adding lots of new items to our website. These include stunning pieces of furniture, our 2019 exclusive throws and our brand new bed linen collections. 

Some trends that are quite popular this season are:


We love minimalist Scandi pieces here at Foxford. An aesthetic marked by minimalism and functionality, but there is nothing to say we cannot layer and build up these pieces!

Maximalism is enjoying it's time in trend. It is important to be smart and clear about layering of pieces so the resulting space feels cohesive and cool, not cluttered and cold. Clever layering results in an interior that feels collected, lived in, loved and full. 

Layer your carpets, artwork, mirrors but think carefully how you layer. You have to consider placement, scale, and texture carefully.



pulp wall clock



Play with Textures

Embracing and focusing on natural textures is a huge trend this season. Adding some rattan, cashmere, mohair, stone or leather can create more depth. Using texture in interior design will bring the decor of a room together and is a powerful finishing tool when redecorating. The use of woven carpets, cushions and textured lighting can all create a tactile feel.

rattan lamp

rattan mirror


leather light


Carpets & Rugs

Start your textures from the ground up! For spaces where there may be carpet already laid why not think about adding a rug to either contrast or complement the current choice of colour and retain a cosy layering affect. 

Why not place that rug in an unlikely place like the kitchen? It can add a fabulous splash of colour and if you choose the right weave stains should not be an issue! Perfectly faded vintage rugs look amazing paired with more contemporary larger pieces. 

pix round carpet


foxford carpet


foxford carpet



The Industrial Look

A surge of interest in the industrial look is on the rise. Raw unfinished furniture placed strategically in your living space can create a wonderful tactile touch. 

Consumers are getting experimental with materials such as marble with veining, raw stone and matte looks with ‘leathered’ finishes are also trending right now. 



iron bookcase


suitcase table




Sleek lines, tapered table legs and an understated simplicity are the key ingredients to mid-century design. It’s a trend with longevity that suits the minimalist fan. Unsure of where to start collecting mid-century? Try these tips, leather touches, bold statement of colour. Statement lights with exposed bulbs and very straight, geometric lines. 

travis cabinet



ochre right blue


riva mirror


We are delighted to add that most of these stunning pieces and many others are reduced in our mid-season sale for a limited time only! It has never been as simple or as affordable to create a uniquely styled space in your home with Foxford. 

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