Comfort of Home - It is not a new Aspiration

Comfort of Home - It is not a new Aspiration 

Last week there was much talk about the most mundane of objects belonging to the the most influential person in Irish history.

The slippers of one Michael Collins were shared, all be in virtually, throughout the country - bright blue wool slippers, with a wolf’s head stitched on the toe caps. The colour is a vivid as it was when it was made over a century ago. As a person, Collins was and still is an illusive figure in Irish history. As one of the founders of the Republic we now reside in, we know very little about the man. In comparison to present day when we know probably a little too much about people in the public eye - thanks to social media.


These slippers hidden away in a box awaiting their turn in the spotlight for the past number of decades - shed some light into the Big Man's most basic need of all - his need for comfort and security. The slippers along with the intricate wool blanket that was woven for him in 1922 right here in Foxford,  that draped around him moments before he was assassinated prove the fact the inherent need for warmth, comfort and security is not a new aspiration in the current pandemic - even 100 years ago throughout warfare and the risk of being killed at any moment, this man yearned for moments of calm. 

The newly revealed Slippers and the wool blanket Foxford created for him almost a century ago and reproduced since, have become symbols of the feeling many of us have yearned for more than ever since last March - quiet calm and a sanctuary. 

Throughout this global pandemic, we long to be in a place we feel safe and making that place into a sanctuary to envelope us into a sense of calm and serenity for a little time shutting out the frightening developments happening everyday. Much like Collins did when he hid in those safe houses, for a time he was just a man, not a soldier, not a revolutionary, he pulled his worn boots off - he was a person who enjoyed a fireside conversation, in his slippers and forgot about what was happening outside those stone walls. 

Foxford has always been passionate about our products playing a part in people's comfort and sanctuary - from an era long before duvets, our blankets created that weight of security we long for at night. A century on - world class bedlinen and supersoft woollen throws have replaced the traditional blanket - but the same principals apply - they offer the comfort we all crave, especially in times of uncertainty. 


Stay Safe,

Foxford Team x

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