Calling all Local Food Growers

Message from our Cafe Team:
"This lock-down gives all of us in the hospitality industry the jitters for many reasons. Most retailers are in the same boat. It's a frightening time but we've all been through periods of adversity before. We believe it's time to take advantage of this time and plan for what comes "AFTER".

It has made us think of the importance of community, and our supplier community. The Foxford mill was founded in 1892 with the simple mission, to create employment for the people of the area so the community could thrive and flourish. This simple but powerful idea went on to create the business which operates here today and it is still one of the largest employer in the area.

Our cafe has seen many changes and transformations over the last few years. Our simple aim to use and source local Irish produce for our menus and retail area has now become more important than ever. Our butcher, Clive on Main St here in Foxford, Ballina fishmonger John Clarke, Westport sourdough bakers, Cornrue, Mayo based cheese makers Dozio's, and The Galway Goat and of course Michael of Falcon Fruits in Ballina to name but a few suppliers are all a vital part of the success of our Cafe along with our hardworking Cafe team. These suppliers are our supplier community and they rely on us for custom and we in turn rely on them to supply us with amazing quality products to create our menus.

We have a fantastic relationship with Michael from Falcon Fruits who has been our vegetable and fruit supplier for well over 10 years now. his team always strive to find us the best of Irish, seasonal fruits and vegetables and we would be lost without such a hardworking supplier in the area.

But we would like to give this area more of a local stamp too. Salads make up the largest part of our menus. It is our largest food bill each month!!! As we are not in a position to grow more than some of the herbs we need and some leaves. We are looking for growers/ farmers based in Mayo or anywhere in the West (we don't mind buying from our footballing rivals!) who would be interested in supplying us their fruits/vegetables on a seasonal consistent basis and join our supplier community.
Obviously it will take us some time to build a network with a steady supply but that's our aim. So consider this a call-out to any green fingered growers in the West...
Please forward your details to and we will be in touch. We look forward to working with you in the future!

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