Beat the Blues

Mondays can be tough, but Mondays in January can be even tougher as January seems like it will never end! But we’re not going to let that bring us down!

It’s time to beat Blue Monday with a little help from Foxford! Treating yourself to something special can take the January blues away and that’s where we come in.

Blue doesn’t have to be all sad, we love the colour blue and have selected stunning items all within the blue theme to turn around your Blue Monday.

Wild Atlantic Throw

Wild Atlantic Throw

Our stunning Wild Atlantic Throw is inspired by the untameable tides and storms that create the rugged West of Ireland coastline. Its super soft blue mohair will not only wrap you up but sail you away to a rugged and stunning Wild Atlantic Way.

7cm Blue Stripe Bedlinen

7cm Blue Stripe Duvet

Wrap yourself up in luxury with Foxford Bedlinen.

Our 7cm Blue Stripe Bedlinen is a Foxford favourite, its classic, contemporary look is just something we all love. Made from 100% cotton percale, it will give you a cool fresh nights sleep every night. Woven into a 300 thread count, its super soft against your skin making you want to snuggle up in it each night!

Blue and White Herringbone Cashmere Scarf

Blue and White Cashmere Scarf

Beautiful and luxurious are only two words to describe our stunning blue and white cashmere scarf. Designed in a stunning soft palette of blue and white, this classic style is made from a super soft blend of cashmere and lambswool, finished beautifully with a roll fringe.

Stojo Denim Pocket Cup

Stojo Keep Cup

The Stojo Denim Pocket Cup 12oz is just the perfect size for all drinks. Take it anywhere will you and you’ll always be ready for that spontaneous cup of coffee. It’s unique mouth tab creates an airtight, leak-proof seal so you’re morning coffee will never be spilt again. If we haven’t convinced you already that you need Stojo in our life, switching to reusables is one of the simplest yet powerful ways to reduce your environmental impact! By switching to Stojo it brings us one step closer to saving the world through disposing of disposable culture!

Velvet Royal Twill Back Cushion

Velvet Royal Twill Back Cushion

Add a touch of royalty to your home with our Velvet Royal Twill Back Cushion. It’s timeless design will make styling your interior that little bit easier. To create the ultimate Foxford look, style it with one of our coordinating throws from the Peacock collection.

Blue Retro Clock

Blue Retro Clock

Struggling to keep track of time? With our striking blue retro clock, you’ll never be late again. This retro clock has multiple functions, with a built-in alarm and calendar making it perfect for any room in your home. The only decision you have to make is where you’re going to place it.

Blue Mia Armchair

Blue Mia Chair

Welcome Mia into your home! Mia beckons you to come sit and embrace the comfort. Her electric blue stands out, bring both style and elegance to your home.

Blue Tone Fringed Serape

Blue Tone Fringed Serape

Add a touch of blue to your outfit with our Blue Tone Fringed Serape. Bring style and glamour with its contemporary design, perfect for wrapping up in the cool months. Its soft fringe detail finishing the look off flawlessly.

Blue Spot Baby Blanket

Blue Spot Baby Blanket

Finding the perfect baby gift can be hard but you can never go wrong with a Foxford baby blanket. Beautifully crafted, they last a lifetime with each blanket holding so many memories that can be passed down through generations! Start their Foxford journey with a Foxford baby blanket and we will stay with your little one for a lifetime. Made from 100% lambswool, this super soft baby blanket has a stunning spot design in delicate shades of blue and white.

Bashful Blue Bunny

Bashful Blue Bunny

How cute is the bashful blue bunny, perfect bedtime snuggles! This beautiful bunny has long ultra-soft ears, he’s made from velour making him so cuddlable!


We hope we’ve now made your Blue Monday that little easier! If you have any queries about any of your products or styling please don’t hesitate to contact us through our social channels!

Happy Shopping!



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