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The Christmas Wrap Up 2020

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Cafe Christmas Collection

Enjoy the delicious taste of our Foxford Cafe in the Safety of Your Home.

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Foxford Scarves

Get wrapped up in beautiful fabrics such as Stylish Cashmere, Cosy Lambswool and Soft Merino with our world famous hand-crafted design. Scarves for both Him and Her so they can bring style and colourful touch to their outfits for all year round.

County Colour Throws - Mayo

We are proud to welcome our new County Colour Throws. Created to represent the place you love - Home.

This year has been especially difficult on so many - you may be missing home or you maybe missing someone special from your home.

So lets get some of home to them. More counties to come very soon!

Foxford Baby Blanket

Our super soft rainbow spot blanket makes the perfect gift or addition to your nursery. Gifting Foxford baby blankets have become a tradition. Produced in super soft 100% lambswool and designed in the most joyful colours. Use in a host of ways, feeding, nursing, sleeping, in the pram or laid out on the soft summer grass. Our blankets last through the generations. 

Foxford Woollen Mills

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