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The Throw Collection *NOTICE* Our warehouse will be closed from 12pm Friday 25th July until Monday 11th August for summer holidays, any orders placed during this time will not be processed until after 11th August

  • Classics

    Foxford Classics rest on a palette of grey, mink, camel and natural white. This Fulchrum Foxford range relies on classic architectural patterns and is perfect with contemporary city living. View »

  • Bone

    The Bone Collection draws on a palette of true neutrals, neither warm or cold, and is designed to compliment any contemporary decor. View »

  • Aqua

    The Aqua range borrows its colours from Irish landscape, with soft pale aqua green and warm earthy tones mirroring the lakes and fields of Mayo. A modern interpretation of natural beauty for the home. View »

  • Heritage

    The Heritage Collection takes its inspiration from the Irish country house, and is a new take on earthy reds and leaf greens in traditional tartans. View »

  • Moy

    The River Moy inspired this range, with its muted, mossy greens and earthy tones, soft watery blues with an occasional flash of kingfisher blue. View »

  • Parma Blue

    The Parma range is inspired by the soft grey blues of an Italian dawn in Boticelli's renaissance work, interpreted in a modern, contemporary manner. View »

  • Summer Brights

    The spectacular explosion of natural colour in the hedgerows of Mayo mid-summer inspired this bright and modern collection. A luxurious splash of colour perfect for the contemporary home. View »

  • Lap Rugs

    View »

  • Swedish Purple

    A palette of soft muted purples from deep to light tones juxtaposed with subtle olives reminiscent of northern summer gardens. View »

  • Cragg

    Craggy olive tones used with soft whites. A lux palette which blends perfectly with popular contemporary interior schemes. View »