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The Throw Collection

  • Classics

    Foxford Classics rest on a palette of grey, mink, camel and natural white. This Fulchrum Foxford range relies on classic architectural patterns and is perfect with contemporary city living. View »

  • Bone

    The Bone Collection draws on a palette of true neutrals, neither warm or cold, and is designed to compliment any contemporary decor. View »

  • Aqua

    The Aqua range borrows its colours from Irish landscape, with soft pale aqua green and warm earthy tones mirroring the lakes and fields of Mayo. A modern interpretation of natural beauty for the home. View »

  • Heritage

    The Heritage Collection takes its inspiration from the Irish country house, and is a new take on earthy reds and leaf greens in traditional tartans. View »

  • Moy

    The River Moy inspired this range, with its muted, mossy greens and earthy tones, soft watery blues with an occasional flash of kingfisher blue. View »

  • Nordic Winter

    Snowy white and Nordic Reds are the inspiration for the Nordic Winter Collection, a classic pairing of shades in an array of contemporary patterns. View »

  • Parma Blue

    The Parma range is inspired by the soft grey blues of an Italian dawn in Boticelli's renaissance work, interpreted in a modern, contemporary manner. View »

  • Summer Brights

    The spectacular explosion of natural colour in the hedgerows of Mayo mid-summer inspired this bright and modern collection. A luxurious splash of colour perfect for the contemporary home. View »

  • Lap Rugs

    View »